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Friday, 11 January 2013

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Friday, 6 July 2012

will be putting more drawings on my blogger and videos of me talking about my experiences around end of august or september 2012

will be putting more drawings up soon...the dark navy blue triange craft im trying to get it done by 3d computer drawing im trying to get someone who does 3d computer drawings to do it for me.so you will see in more detail what the triangle craft looks like this craft as symbols on craft 1 red stipe and a blue stripe next to each other on sides of the triangle craft.... will be on my blogger as soon as i can get it done...aswell as some more drawings of the alien entitys i interact with..also will be some videos of me talking about my experiences. and how it as affected my life and how it as changed my life.my life as never been the same.it as made me look at life differently..i wouldnt say for the better..im still on that journey and trying to understand why this is happening to me and my son.i dont remember alot about all my abductions only parts of it.these alien entitys wipe block your memory.i get flash backs alot..these entitys i believe mind control you..ive been abducted alot outdoors aswell as indoors..i never experienced when ive been outdoors getting abducted being beamed up like some people say..the greys float out the craft and take me in theres usually about 4 or 5 what take you in the craft.. sometimes i float up in the craft if its not landed.but they never beamed me up..ive got to tell it as the truth as it is...indoors the tall greys float through wall but on some of my abductions indoors i experience being taken out of an open window and floated out of the window levitate me out..i believe these entitys can freeze time...i do have witnesses who have seen the crafts above my home wherever i have moved to..so videos to come soon cos ive had that many experiences all my life...but i dont think these alien entitys are extraterrestial from outta space...most of these entitys are not in physical form there more spiritual..then theres the ones what are in physical form..some of there crafts are physical and some crafts are not physical and can morph and change shape...............