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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

One of my hypnosis transcript

Regression Transcript – Chantelle Sabrina Pyper – Sunday 12th September 2010 3pm

Hypnotherapist: Rob Tudge

Witness: Dave Hodrien

R: So just breathe for me. Just breathe in, nice deep breath. And out again. And in, and as you exhale relax the muscles of your neck and across your back. Good girl. And again, relax the muscles across your back and your neck. And again. Keep going, that’s it, nice deep breaths. And the next time you breathe out I want you to relax the muscles across your forehead please. That’s fine. And when you breathe out I want you to relax all those tiny muscles around your eyes. And the next time you breathe out I want you to relax your jaw muscles. Just let go. And if your jaw wants to drop open that’s ok. And continue to breathe evenly and deeply. And the next time you exhale allow all the tension to go from your neck and your shoulders. Allow all the tension to leave your upper arms and your lower arms and your hands, as you exhale. Just breathe out and let all that pent up tension leave you. Just let it go, you don’t need it. Good. Just continue to breathe easily and deeply. And as you breathe out relax the muscles of your upper back. And your lower back. And your tummy. And your thighs. Just allow those muscles to let go completely. Any tension in your knees, in your calves, allow it to leave you as you breathe out. Breathing in calm, breathing out tension. That’s very good. And finally allow the muscles of your feet just to relax, and let go. And if there’s any remaining tension anywhere in your system now’s the time to just let it go. And now notice how much heavier your head feels against the pillow, how heavy your arms feel at your side, how comfortable you are. That’s good, that’s right Chantelle. As I said before you’re in complete control. I want you to imagine you’re at the top of ten steps. And at the bottom of the steps you see a huge wooden door. In a moment or two you’re going to be going down the steps, but before you do so I’ll ask you to imagine a huge bubble of white around you. If you were to stretch out your arms to your left and your right you couldn’t touch the inside of the bubble. It’s above your head and below your feet, but you can’t see the lower half of it. So that’s your bubble of protection. And I want you to imagine little roots, little tendrils coming out from your heels, making their way down and down into the subsoil. And these little tendrils make their way into the bedrock. So that is your earth. You are connected to the earth. So you are protected and literally grounded. And you’ll be able to move without any let or hindrance within your bubble, and even with these little tendrils, these little roots following you. So you’re protected and grounded. And I want you to take your first step down into peace and tranquillity. And the second step down. Calm, comfortable, relaxed, and completely at ease. And step number three. And four. Step number five, half way down now, towards the huge wooden door. Step number six. Seven. Eight. Almost there now. Nine, ten. You’re there. In front of you, you have that huge wooden door. You’re protected and grounded. In a moment I’m going to ask you to go through the door, before you do I’ll tell you what’s on the other side. It’s just a room. A neutrally coloured room. So open the door and step through into that room please. Close the door behind you. Ok, that’s good. So you’re inside this room, protected and grounded, and very shortly I’m going to be speaking to your subconscious mind. And I’m going to be speaking to your subconscious mind as if I’m speaking to another person. And I don’t want you to think about my questions nor consider the answers, just give them as quickly as they come. Very shortly your subconscious mind will present itself as a shape, a colour, a picture or a symbol. I’m going to count to three, snap my fingers, and your subconscious mind will present itself. One, two, three. Tell me what you have.

C: Triangle.

R: A triangle. Thankyou subconscious mind for presenting in that way. Subconcious mind, would it be appropriate in safety and comfort to the incident that happened at Creswell.

C: Yes.

R: Thankyou subconscious mind. Just relax and breathe evenly and deeply. So I’m going to ask you to go back to the the incident at Creswell. Imagine two hours before the incident took place. Describe what’s going on. Who’s with you there?

C: Mark.

R: Mhmm.

C: Dominic.

R: Yes.

C: Cath.

R: Ok.

C: Just people.

R: Alright, so just people, Cath and Dominic. What are you doing?

C: Just talking.

R: Just talking, ok. Is everybody together in one room?

C: Dominic’s not.

R: Dominic’s not there. Where’s he?

C: He’s out and about.

R: He’s out on his bike.

C: Out and about.

R: Ok. That’s ok. And what happens next?

C: We’re just talking.

R: Mhmm. Who decides to go to the shops?

C: Me.

R: Mhmm. Who goes with you?

C: Cath and Dominic.

R: Ok. And what happens next?

C: (Inaudible) Going to the shops.

R: You’re going to the shops, ok. So you set off to the shops, the three of you? Across the road yes?

C: Just going out the door.

R: Ok you’re walking along pathway yes. Are you talking between yourselves?

C: Mmm.

R: Ok. You’re just walking. Is it a little bit uphill, when you start? Or it it level?

C: Level really.

R: Ok. You’re just walking, and talking between yourselves.

C: Mmm.

R: Mhmm. What’s the next thing that happens?

C: Mmm...

R: Walking. You’re walking and talking, what’s the next thing that happens?

C: Cath looked up into the sky.

R: So Cath walked into...

C: No, looked up to the sky.

R: Ok.

C: She’s seen these lights.

R: Yes. And where are you looking?

C: She says "What’s that? What...what..." And I looked up.

R: You looked up, yes. You’re looking up, what do you see?

C: It’s a triangle.

R: It’s a triangle. Describe the triangle for me.

C: Black.

R: It’s black. Have you seen it before?

C: Yeah.

R: You have, ok. It’s familiar to you? Are the colours the same?

C: (Nods head)

R: Ok. It’s black, what other colours do you see?

C: There’s just all lights all the way round.

R: Lights all the way round it. But you’re in the road, you’re looking up at this. How do you feel?

C: Just wondering what it is.

R: What about Dominic, what’s he saying?

C: He’s just looking.

R: He’s just looking. What about Cath?

C: She’s just still looking.

R: Ok, the three of you are just looking.

C: Saying "It’s not moving".

R: It’s not moving, it’s stationary. How high is it?

C: Not much higher than the chimney.

R: So there’s this black triangle, not very high, with lights yes?

C: Yeah.

R: What are the lights doing?

C: They’re not really flashing, just...

R: They’re not, not really flashing?

C: Flickering.

R: Not really flashing. But there are lights there, you can see them, and it’s black. Is there anything else you can see on the underside of this black triangle? Is it smooth? Is it rough? Has it got any marks on it? What can you see underneath?

C: Just a few...like round circle thing in the middle

R: Ok. That’s fine. Just looking at it the three of you? Are there any other people looking up at this thing?

C: Mmm.

R: Where are the other people standing?

C: Near that shop.

R: Near the shop mhmm. Are they clearly looking at the same thing?

C: Yeah. Looking up.

R: Ok. So you’re just looking at it.

C: Mmm.

R: What happens next? What happens next?

C: I look...I look back up.

R: You look back up yes. And what happens next?

C: I can see them.

R: You can see? Who’s them?

C: Them.

R: Who’s them, tell me who they are who you can see?

C: Them with big eyes.

R: You can see them in the triangle? Where are they?

C: No. See them first.

R: Where? Where are they?

C: In front of me.

R: They’re in front of you, directly in front of you. How many of them?

C: About four.

R: Four of them directly in front of you. Tell me more about them.

C: Great big eyes.

R: Great big eyes. They’re just standing there?

C: Just looking at me.

R: They’re just looking at you. All four of them are just looking at you, is that correct? They’re there in the street just in front of you, and they’re just looking at you?

C: Don’t know.

R: They’re just looking. They’re just looking. You’re perfectly safe, you’re protected and grounded. Tell me what happens next. Take as long as you want, tell me what happens next. What’s going on? What’s going on Chantelle?

C: Don’t know, just dark.

R: It’s gone?

C: Dark.

R: It’s gone dark?

C: It’s dark.

R: Suddenly its dark, is that correct?

C: Feels like I’m...floating.

R: You’re floating, and you can see darkness, is that correct?

C: Now I see a light.

R: Oh you see a light now? Do you still feel as if you’re floating? Where are you now?

C: There’s a light.

R: There’s a light.

C: Something’s opened.

R: Something’s opened. What was it that opened?

C: Underneath.

R: Underneath. Underneath the triangle is that correct?

C: Yep.

R: So can you see the underneath of the triangle as you approach the thing that’s opened? Tell me what you see as you get close to the underneath of the triangle.

C: It’s bright and colourful.

R: Bright and colourful when you get close. What’s the surface that you’re looking at, tell me about the surface.

C: It’s opened up in the middle underneath.

R: It’s opened up in the middle just underneath of it, I see.

C: I can see it now.

R: Yes you can see it now. And you’re just floating, is that correct?

C: No.

R: No? Where are you now?

C: I’m in it.

R: You’re in. Are you standing?

C: No. (Looks distressed)

R: What are you doing, tell me.

C: (Inaudible) (Crying)

R: Breathe, just breathe for me. You’re totally protected and grounded, I won’t let anyone hurt you do you understand? You’re totally protected and grounded.

C: (Crying) They carried me towards them to see the lights.

R: They carried you to see the lights, is that right?

C: (Nods)

R: Ok. Ok, this is just a memory, you’re just telling me about a memory. You’re perfectly safe, we will not let them hurt you, do you understand? This is just a memory.

C: (Starts moving right arm)

R: What’s happening to your arm?

C: They’re picking me up.

R: They’re taking your arms? Your arms?

C: (Crying)

R: I’m going to say freeze. Freeze. Freeze, they’ve gone to black and white, they’ve gone to black and white, everything’s quite still, everything’s quite still, you’re perfectly safe, the picture’s just frozen. You’re perfectly safe, it’s a picture you can see in black and white. What I want you to do now is just float your consciousness out of your body. Just allow it to rise and look down on the same scene. Just allow your consciousness to rise out of your body, and look back at yourself and tell me what you see in black and white. Look back at the scene, it’s in black and white and it’s stationary, and tell me what you see, now it’s frozen. You’re perfectly safe. You’re just looking at the scene. It’s in black and white, everything’s stationary, stopped, standing still, immobile. Just tell me what you see. Tell me what you see.

C: Just dark.

R: It’s gone dark again?

C: No. It’s still there now.

R: It’s ok, it’s ok. You’re perfectly safe, we’re just looking back. You’re looking back on the scene. There’s nothing moving, you’re just looking back at a black and white picture at present. Tell me what you see in this black and white picture. Just breathe, good girl, good girl, just breathe. Tell me what you see in the picture before you. Good girl, that’s fine, take as long as you need. That’s good. That’s fine. Tell me what you see in the picture, the black and white picture that’s in front of you.

C: There’s...like a ball, glowing.

R: There’s a ball glowing. Bring the colours back. Everything’s stationary, bring the colour back in. What colour is the glowing ball?

C: White.

R: White, good girl. And where is it, in relation to Chantelle, because you’re separated, you’re looking back at this scene. Where is it?

C: In front of me.

R: It’s in front of Chantelle. What do you think that white ball is doing?

C: It protects me.

R: It protects you. What else can you see that is around Chantelle? Can you see anything around her? Is there still darkness, is it just the glowing ball, you tell me what you see, before we get things to move again. You’re just looking down on the scene, there’s nothing moving, we’ve froze the scene. Colours have come back, there’s a white ball glowing, just in front of Chantelle, you can see that as you look down. What else is going on?

C: Can see another light.

R: Another light? Uh-huh, good. Ok, things just start moving very slowly, and describe to me what happens as things move onward very slowly.

C: Can see them.

R: You can see them? Ok, do you want to stop at this point?

C: (Shakes head)

R: Ok, good girl. It’s moving slowly, you’re detached, you’re looking down on this telling me what’s happening. You can see them. How many of them are there?

C: There’s quite a few.

R: Quite a few, uh-huh. What are they doing?

C: Looking at me.

R: They’re looking. You’re detached. You’re looking down on this scene. Your consciousness has floated out of your body, you’re just looking back at Chantelle. You’re perfectly safe, you’re protected and grounded, you’re just observing this, this is a memory you are observing, do you understand? Observing a memory, and they’re just looking at you. Things are moving slowly, very slowly, so you can describe to me exactly what’s happening. What’s going on now? Are they still in the same place or have they moved?

C: They’re still there.

R: They’re still there. Is Chantelle standing up or lying down at present?

C: Lying down.

R: Lying down, ok. And there are quite a few of them round her.

C: (Nods)

R: Are they treating her with respect? Can you see that? Is she being treated with respect, because that’s very important.

C: Don’t know.

R: You don’t know.

C: The ceiling.

R: You can just see what’s going on?

C: Ceiling.

R: Did you say Chantelle’s feeling sick?

C: No ceiling...

R: Oh, the ceiling is important? The ceiling. What’s happening on that ceiling?

C: There’s a light.

R: There’s a light up there. And what is it doing? Is it special?

C: It’s like...a lazer coming down on my body.

R: A lazer...a lazer coming down?

C: A light.

R: A lazer light comes down. Where does it touch Chantelle?

C: Down there (Gestures to lower abdomen)

R: Down there, ok. That’s good, you’re just observing this, it’s just a memory you’re looking at. A lazer light comes down, down below, is that correct? What colour is the lazer light, can you see?

C: Don’t know. (Crying)

R: Is she in pain? Or is it upsetting to look at?

C: (Shakes head)

R: She’s not in pain. Good, she’s being looked after. That’s excellent, ok. She’s being treated with respect, yes? But there is a lazer light, on her lower abdomen, is that correct?

C: Yeah. (Nods head)

R: And what colour is the lazer light, can you tell...

C: (Shakes head)

R: You can’t tell me.

C: It’s just...just...don’t know, it’s not white.

R: It’s not white, ok, that’s fine. And those that are there, they’re just standing round watching this happen?

C: Mmm. (Nods head)

R: And how long does this go on for? Little while?

C: (Nods head)

R: Chantelle’s not in any pain?

C: (Shakes head)

R: Excellent, that’s good. You’re just observing a memory, Chantelle’s not in any pain at all, or discomfort, you’re just watching this lazer light on Chantelle’s lower abdomen. These beings that you can see from up here, when you floated out of Chantelle’s body, are they all the same?

C: (Nods head)

R: They’re identical.

C: Mmm.

R: What’s happening now? What’s happening now? Tell me what’s happening now.

C: Don’t know.

R: You can see something happening but you don’t know what it is, is that correct?

C: (Nods head)

R: Do you not recognise what’s happening now? What are they doing? You’re just observing, you’re completely safe, you’re protected and grounded, and Chantelle is not in any discomfort whatsoever. You’re looking at a memory. That’s it, just breathe and tell me what you see happening now. Tell me what’s happening, what’s different?

C: (Distressed)

R: Just breathe, just breathe, and tell me what’s happening now. What are they doing? What’s happening to Chantelle can you tell me. She’s very upset, tell me why.

C: (Crying)

R: Just breathe, just breathe, freeze, black and white. Just freeze, just black and white, no sound, no movement. You’re looking down on this scene from high up, there’s some beings round the table, Chantelle is laid down, there is a lazer light on her lower abdomen. It’s just black and white, there’s no movement. There was something else happened, you tell me what was that something else. Perfectly safe, Chantelle is experiencing no discomfort, and you’re protected and grounded in complete and utter safety. Just tell me what’s been going on, in addition to the lazer light. Is it that you don’t understand what else went on, or you’re not permitted to tell me?

C: It’s... (Crying)

R: Ok, that’s ok, tell me what you want to tell me.

C: It’s...

R: That’s ok, just breathe and tell me what you want to tell me. Just breathe and tell me what you want to tell me. That’s a good girl.

C: It’s took something from me.

R: They’ve taken something, they took something from Chantelle yes?

C: Mmm.

R: Ok, ok. Just breathe and relax, now you’ve seen that. Ok, they took something from you. Breathe in, relax, ok, ok. Do you want to tell me what it is they took from Chantelle? Could you see what they took from Chantelle? It’s in black and white, it’s stationary, there’s nothing happening, you’re just looking at a memory.

C: (Trying to say something)

R: Just tell me, tell me if you want to tell me.

C: Took something red...I don’t know.

R: That’s ok.

C: Foetus...foetus.

R: I understand. Just breathe, just breathe, just breathe, you’re just watching a memory, just breathe, you’re just watching a memory. That’s it. You’re safe, you’re absolutely safe. That’s good, just breathe, just breathe, just breathe. That’s good, good girl. Just continue to breathe for me. Ok. The colours coming back to the picture now, it’s going to move on slowly, and tell me what happens next please from your place high above, you’re just looking back at the picture, things are moving on slowly and steadily, you’re in a place of safety, protected and grounded, you’re just looking back at that picture, which is now in colour and moving on very slowly so you can tell 6me what’s happening. What do you see, what’s happening now? You can’t see what’s happening? Or is there something going on that you don’t understand?

C: Can just see them.

R: You can just see them. Are they still standing around Chantelle?

C: Some.

R: Some. How many are there now?

C: There’s quite a few.

R: There’s quite a few. Is it just these entities or...what do you see now. If there are quite a few a few. Quite a few what? Tell me what you see.

C: Just them.

R: Are they just standing or walking through?

C: Just...standing.

R: Just standing, looking. Is it just this type of entity that’s standing or looking, just this type of entity standing, looking? They all the same?

C: No.

R: No?

C: They look a bit different, some.

R: Some are a bit different. What’s the difference, could you tell me? It’s in colour and it’s moving slowly. What’s the difference?

C: They look like us.

R: They look like us.

C: Some.

R: They look like us.

C: Some.

R: Men and women? Do you recognise any of them?

C: No. (Shakes head)

R: Are they helping these entities?

C: Yep.

R: They’re helping them. Who’s in charge here, can you tell?

C: (Shakes head)

R: What are the ones that look like us doing, what are, what are they doing?

C: Don’t know.

R: They’re just looking, you can’t see them doing...they’re just looking, is that correct?

C: Don’t know what they’re doing.

R: You don’t know what they’re doing, but they’re doing something?

C: Mhmm.

R: Are they close to Chantelle?

C: Some.

R: Some are. Ok. You’re watching this in colour, moving on slowly. So there are some who look like us, and they’re standing around Chantelle. What’s happening now?

C: Don’t know.

R: You don’t know. Something happening? Tell me what you see happening. Even if you don’t understand it, just tell me what you see happening there from your position up high, in complete safety, tell me what you see.

C: Don’t know, it’s just a room.

R: Just a room. Are there the same entities or people in there? Or has something changed?

C: It looks a bit different.

R: It’s a bit different? What’s changed? Tell me what’s different.

C: Don’t know... (Inaudible)

R: That’s ok, just go forward, and tell me what happens next. Go forward a little and tell me what happens next.

C: Some...some...

R: There’s something at the side. Is that correct? No?

C: Some...like...Some glass things. Some glass things, don’t know.

R: Some glass things yes?

C: Yes.

R: You don’t know what they are but there’s something glass there is that correct? Are these glass things near Chantelle?

C: (Nods head)

R: Ok. And what do these glass things do? What happens with these glass things?

C: There’s people.

R: How big are these glass things with people in them?

C: Some tall, some small.

R: Tell me about the people in them?

C: Some of them look human.

R: Some of them look human, ok.

C: Human. Mhmm.

R: Ok. Human, good.

C: And some other things.

R: And they’re in glass tubes with cold things in them? Other things, I understand. Other things. What are the other things. Just tell me, you’re just looking at a memory, they can’t hurt you. I promise you, you’re absolutely safe and secure. Tell me what you see, the other things.

C: They’re got babies in them, but not fully born. (Distressed)

R: Babies in them.

C: Foetus...some of them. (Crying)

R: That’s ok, ok. Let’s move on, that’s disturbing to you, let’s move on to the next thing that you see. Move onto the next thing that you see. You’re in a position of safety, high above Chantelle. No-one knows where her consciousness is, it’s in the room just looking back at her body, you’re in the room just looking back at Chantelle’s body. It’s just lying there, suffering no discomfort and you’re just observing her. What happens next?

C: Can still see that.

R: You can still see that? Ok. Can Chantelle see that, from where she is?

C: (Nods head)

R: Yes.

C: Mmm.

R: Is she moving, is she being moved?

C: (Shakes head)

R: No? She’s just there?

C: (Nods head)

R: And she can see the things in the tubes?

C: (Nods head)

R: Uh-huh, in the glass things.

C: Yep.

R: What colour are the things in the glass things? Can’t tell?

C: Looks clear.

R: It’s clear, ok.

C: Like jam.

R: Clear and like jam, that’s good, that’s fine. Does Chantelle stay where she is or does she get moved?

C: Stays.

R: Still there in the same spot?

C: (Nods head)

R: Ok. What happens next? Just looking back, just a memory looking back, things are moving very slowly, things are moving little bit at a time, you’re just watching, you’re just watching. That’s good, that’s fine. Chantelle’s in no discomfort, you’re perfectly safe where you are, grounded and protected. What happens next?

C: (Inaudible) It’s one of them.

R: It’s one of them.

C: It’s...I don’t know, there’s just something different.

R: In one of the tubes?

C: No, walking up. (Inaudible) No, it’s not human.

R: It’s not human?

C: It’s just all colours.

R: It’s all colours. It’s not human, it’s all colours.

C: Mmm.

R: It’s ok, just tell me what you see, it’s fine.

C: It’s hardly got no body, just colours.

R: It’s hardly got no body, it’s just colours, is that correct?

C: Just all different colours, red...purple...it’s walking.

R: It’s walking.

C: It’s got no skin or anything, just colours there. (Gesturing to face)

R: That’s ok. Does this thing walk past Chantelle.

C: Mmm. (Nods head)

R: It walks past, ok. Has it gone now?

C: No.

R: It’s still there?

C: (Nods head)

R: How does this thing behave?

C: I don’t know, like a ball of energy, coming...can’t explain. (Gesturing with hands)

R: That’s ok. That’s ok. That’s fine.

C: It’s just colourful.

R: It’s colourful, and it’s there with Chantelle yes?

C: (Nods head)

R: Ok, just look back and tell me what you see, what happens next?

C: It’s just there still. It’s still.

R: It’s still there. Is it observing Chantelle?

C: Mhmm.

R: Closely?

C: (Nods head)

R: Ok. How is it observing her closely?

C: It’s just near me.

R: It’s just near. You can see it’s near Chantelle.

C: It’s just all colours.

R: It’s all colours, ok. What happens next?

C: It’s just looking at me.

R: It’s just looking.

C: Touching my head. I don’t know what it is.

R: No, you don’t know what it is?

C: (Shakes head)

R: Ok. Is there any discomfort there?

C: No.

R: Excellent. Then what happens?

C: Don’t know, just feel...relaxed.

R: Just calm, tell me what happens next.

C: Don’t know.

R: Is the colourful ball still there, or has it gone?

C: I can’t see it.

R: You can’t see it, no. Who’s around Chantelle now? Who’s around her? Are the human people there still?

C: Some.

R: Some. Is anybody talking about Chantelle in any way that you can tell? Or are they just looking?

C: Can’t see them...not talking no.

R: Ok just go on a little bit, what happens next, just tell me what happens next. Chantelle’s not in any discomfort and you’re safe. You’re absolutely safe, what happens next?

C: Can still see them.

R: You can still see them, they’re still there. Is Chantelle still in the same place?

C: Yep.

R: Yeah, she’s still there.

C: Mhmm.

R: Ok.

C: Can see some...some young children, I don’t know.

R: Some young children. Have they come in to be around Chantelle?

C: (Nods head)

R: They come in? Tell me about the children.

C: Quite a few.

R: How old are the children?

C: Don’t know...five. Six. Seven.

R: Ok. Now children, normally, are happy and chatter. Are these children happy and chattery?

C: They’re moving about.

R: They’re moving about mhmm. And how do they look? Have a good look at these children? Tell me what you see, tell me what you notice about them.

C: Arms, hands similar to ours. And feet.

R: Ok. What about their faces?

C: Foreheads are a bit higher.

R: Their foreheads are higher, ok.

C: Not much, not...

R: No?

C: Foreheads just a bit different to ours.

R: Oh just a bit different, ok. What about their eyes? What about their eyes? Tell me about their eyes.

C: Bigger than ours.

R: Little bit bigger than ours. What about their hair?

C: Some haven’t got hair.

R: Some of the little children haven’t got any hair?

C: (Shakes head) Some have.

R: Mhmm. Have the children come to see Chantelle?

C: (Nods head)

R: Just to look at her?

C: (Nods head)

R: I wonder why that might be. Does Chantelle speak to the children or touch them?

C: Yeah.

R: Yes? What does she put her hand out to touch them, or do they touch her?

C: They put their hand out to me.

R: They hold your hands?

C: Mmm.

R: Hold hands? You hold hands with the children?

C: (Nods head) Yeah.

R: And what do you feel from the children?

C: (Crying)

R: What does Chantelle feel from the children? Is it good to hold their hands?

C: (Nods head)

R: Does Chantelle need to hold their hands?

C: (Nods head)

R: And the children need to hold her hands, yes, is that right?

C: Yeah (Crying)

R: How many children are holding hands?

C: Don’t know...four maybe, five, don’t know. Don’t know.

R: That’s ok, that’s ok. Are the children happy?

C: (Nods head)

R: Is Chantelle happy? Is she crying with happiness?

C: (Nods head)

R: Is she smiling? Can you see down there? Is she smiling?

C: Mmm.

R: It’s always a blessing and a privilege to interact with children, to bring something to their lives, to take something of them with you, that’s always a blessing. That’s a gift.

C: Mhmm.

R: A marvellous gift. You’re looking down as Chantelle’s detached consciousness, watching Chantelle hold the hands of these children, and they’re smiling, Chantelle is smiling and crying at the same time. What happens next? Tell me what happens next, if you can. Can you tell me what happens next? Is it that Chantelle doesn’t want the children to go, is that what it is, she wants to keep hold of them? Is that right?

C: They don’t want me to go.

R: They don’t want you to go. They don’t want you to go.

C: No.

R: You know that in your mind?

C: (Nods head)

R: Another blessing. Does Chantelle have to go?

C: Soon.

R: Soon. And the children know that?

C: (Nods head)

R: Ok.

C: Can still that coloured ball. (Gestures hand in front of face)

R: That coloured ball’s still there yes, ok?

C: It’s changed into some kind of human, I don’t know...

R: It’s changed into the shape of a human, is that correct?

C: But not with skin.

R: Ok.

C: Just all colourful. (Gesturing hands in front of face)

R: Is it beautiful to see?

C: Mmm.

R: Is the human looking back at you?

C: (Nods head) It’s just like all his body’s (inaudible) (Gesturing up and down with hands)

R: You can see inside his body, is that correct?

C: (Shakes head)

R: No?

C: No...it’s...

R: No. It’s just different. That’s fine, that’s ok.

C: It’s all colourful.

R: It’s good to look at, beautiful to see. What happens next? Don’t know what happens next?

C: Don’t know...

R: That’s ok, that’s good. Go forward to the next image you remember. Nice and slowly, just allow yourself gently, tell me what you see, the next thing you remember.

C: Mmm...don’t know.

R: You don’t know what you remember. That’s ok. I want your consciousness to float back into your body now, back into Chantelle’s body.

C: Mmm.

R: And I’ve been told that the next thing she remembers is putting the key in the door lock to come back in the house, is that correct?

C: Yeah.

R: That’s good. So with your consciousness back in your body Chantelle, put the key in the door lock, turn the key and go back in the house.

C: Mhmm.

R: That’s good. So you’re back to where you were, you’re back in your house, you’re back in a place of safety and your consciousness is back in your body, do you understand that?

C: Mmm.

R: That’s good, that’s fine. And I want you to go from there back to that neutral room with the big door.

C: Mhmm.

R: And I want you to do that now for me please. Just put yourself back in that room.

C: Mmm.

R: And you’re back in the present day, 2010, in this room behind the huge wooden door.

C: Mhmm.

R: And what I’m going to do is ask permission in humility and reverence for Chantelle’s highest good and understanding, to speak to higher self, the source of all knowledge.

C: Mmm.

R: Would that be permitted?

C: Yeah.

R: Higher self, what was the purpose of this encounter?

C: (Inaudible) Don’t know.

R: Thank you. Higher self, what’s being done to Chantelle at present, and why do they keep taking her?

C: To go and see them.

R: To go and see them. Why is it so important to go and see them for her?

C: To help learn things.

R: To help her learn things. Will this contact continue higher self?

C: Mmm.

R: May Chantelle be allowed to remember more?

C: Mmm.

R: Why is Chantelle here in her present incarnation, higher self?

C: (Inaudible)

R: Did she agree to this?

C: Yeah. (Nods head)

R: What was her last incarnation?

C: I said I’d help.

R: Did Chantelle agree to help?

C: Mmm.

R: What must she do with her life from now on, higher self?

C: Can I use this gift (inaudible)

R: Higher self could we ask for healing for Chantelle? Spiritually...

C: Mmm.

R: Pychologically and physically?

C: Yeah.

R: When will this be accomplished?

C: Soon.

R: Soon. Higher self, can we ask that Chantelle be allowed progress in all parts of her life?

C: Ok.

R: Higher self can we ask that Chantelle can be inspired, inspired to progress, have have better regard for herself, or self confidence?

C: Mhmm.

R: Can she be unafraid?

C: Mmm.

R: Can we ask that Chantelle be who she is supposed to become?

C: Mmm.

R: Thank you. I’ll speak to Chantelle now. Chantelle I’ll ask you to speak to speak to your higher self, thank your higher self for all the work it’s done this afternoon to help you.

C: Mmm.

R: And I’ll ask you to thank your subconscious mind from the bottom of your heart for helping with this important work this afternoon, and you can do that now. Thankyou. And I’m going to ask you to come through that huge wooden door and stand at the bottom of those ten steps when you’re ready, and close the door behind you, and tell me when you’ve done that.

C: Mmm.

R: Thankyou, ok. You’re going to come up the stairs nice and slowly, ten to nine and eight, seven, six, half way back now, and bringing all those thoughts and feelings with you, five, four, three and two and one. You’re back. You are home, safe, secure. And when you’re ready and not before, come back to this room, revived, refreshed and wide awake. Don’t rush, take your time please, as long as you need.

my et experiences through my alien/abductions

Im an ongoing alien abductee/contactee have been since i was young.i interact with a number of species.The tall greys a pale grey to a pale white in colour more pale white..they wear black clothing that goes right upto there chin..they have large almond shaped slanted eyes colour inbetween a very dark brown to black in colour..The tall orange reptilian these dont have scaly skin they look like snake like in face..the tall species with red eyes 2 horns at back of there head one at each side.and 2 horns at back of shoulders one at each side.they wear some type of body armour like roman type clothing.they look more dinosaur like in face they have 2 arms and 2 legs..the hybrids what look human like...these are reptilian hybrids they look more human...there not grey alien hybrids... in the triangle craft and there is egyptian symbols on the wall inside the triangle craft.And inside the craft the ceiling is round like a beige in colour.in the middle of the ceiling theres 2 snake like symbols embossed into the ceiling not long snakes each one opposite way round to the other but you know there snakes..and theres like drawings embossed into the wall to do with D.N.A our dna..the gold tall alien i only ever see one of these species this one is hard to describe..his eyes was red.its like he was wearing body armour what covered all is body from head to foot in real gold sparkling and glittering..The triangle craft is a dark navy blue black in metallic colour its shiny and looks smooth..its more rounded at each 3 corners..underneath the triangle craft all way round all different colour neon lights in neon blue..pink cerise..white..green..the lights dont flash they pulsate and flicker..the craft opens up underneath..top of the triangle craft its pyramid shape it dont go to high up then theres the black triangle i get abducted by to......I have a psychic ability i  also have premonitions what have came true..i was born with this gift but as got stronger through my alien abductions..telephapy where i can see the ets...telephapy where i can see people what are alive and they must be able to see me had quite a few experiences on that one...and i have communicated with the spirit world whats passed over...i have affected electrical appliances when i get upset or angry light bulbs have blown and glass shattered..tvs blown...electrical appliances shut down break or just completly stop working or just start working again...orniments have flown off the shelves been witnessed by my hubby..son. and friends...this happens when ive been abducted by the ets or when ive not been abducted so i dont think its a side effect from the et abductions...my you tube channel you can find me google it its...star47982....my twitter account is...starseed2324 chantelle pyper