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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

my et experiences through my alien/abductions

Im an ongoing alien abductee/contactee have been since i was young.i interact with a number of species.The tall greys a pale grey to a pale white in colour more pale white..they wear black clothing that goes right upto there chin..they have large almond shaped slanted eyes colour inbetween a very dark brown to black in colour..The tall orange reptilian these dont have scaly skin they look like snake like in face..the tall species with red eyes 2 horns at back of there head one at each side.and 2 horns at back of shoulders one at each side.they wear some type of body armour like roman type clothing.they look more dinosaur like in face they have 2 arms and 2 legs..the hybrids what look human like...these are reptilian hybrids they look more human...there not grey alien hybrids... in the triangle craft and there is egyptian symbols on the wall inside the triangle craft.And inside the craft the ceiling is round like a beige in colour.in the middle of the ceiling theres 2 snake like symbols embossed into the ceiling not long snakes each one opposite way round to the other but you know there snakes..and theres like drawings embossed into the wall to do with D.N.A our dna..the gold tall alien i only ever see one of these species this one is hard to describe..his eyes was red.its like he was wearing body armour what covered all is body from head to foot in real gold sparkling and glittering..The triangle craft is a dark navy blue black in metallic colour its shiny and looks smooth..its more rounded at each 3 corners..underneath the triangle craft all way round all different colour neon lights in neon blue..pink cerise..white..green..the lights dont flash they pulsate and flicker..the craft opens up underneath..top of the triangle craft its pyramid shape it dont go to high up then theres the black triangle i get abducted by to......I have a psychic ability i  also have premonitions what have came true..i was born with this gift but as got stronger through my alien abductions..telephapy where i can see the ets...telephapy where i can see people what are alive and they must be able to see me had quite a few experiences on that one...and i have communicated with the spirit world whats passed over...i have affected electrical appliances when i get upset or angry light bulbs have blown and glass shattered..tvs blown...electrical appliances shut down break or just completly stop working or just start working again...orniments have flown off the shelves been witnessed by my hubby..son. and friends...this happens when ive been abducted by the ets or when ive not been abducted so i dont think its a side effect from the et abductions...my you tube channel you can find me google it its...star47982....my twitter account is...starseed2324 chantelle pyper

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  1. Theres a lot of detailed information here and I found it to be quite interesting. Thanks for sharing your experience, Chantelle!