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my alien abduction experiences

Before an alien abduction i get alot of paranormal activity here at home happening..or we see the dark figure in black the shadow man we call him..i also see glowing orbs of light around my home or in front of me or behind me..sometimes before an alien abduction i go paralized..but not all the time i dont get paralized..you can only move your eyes nothing else you cant even shout or scream out..my body feels like its vibrating all over..the floating feeling..you see the tall greys...sometimes i see the tall greys float through the walls they dont look in physical form to me when they come for you they look ghostly like spirits they all look identical..but on there triangle craft they look in physical form you have to experience it to understand and see it for yourself..theres the missing time some things i can remember from my abductions but they do wipe your memory..i get flashbacks...they also communicate with me telephapy where i can see them on there craft..this happens odd time unexpected when they want to communicate with me..sometimes i go into deep meditation to communicate with them when im in deep meditation it works...when communicating telephapy i could see one of the greys it liked looked angry with me it like turned a pale light blue in colour...i feel these entitys dont like you speaking out there very secretive in what they do..it would be more easy to video a ufo on video but to get an alien abduction on video is impossible...these entitys are not stupid they know they read your minds and they can mind control you...the video camcorder would just switch off or you would get some sort of static interference it would be hard to get it on video the ets and the alien abduction ive tried lots of times...all electrical appliances go haywire and swith off..even the lights flicker ...but i havent given up...paranormal activity is easier to get on video...i feel there is some connection to the paranormal activity to do with the ets and a connection to do with ghosts..spirits...i feel its all connected....